Exploring Global Education Opportunities from Kochi

At MyEducationFair.in goes beyond conventional overseas education fairs and brings together some of the best universities and academic institutions from around the world under a single roof for the benefit of aspiring and pre-qualified students.
Below is the list of our upcoming University visits in Kochi office-

Country Date & Time University
UK 13 Jul -1 to 2 pm Coventry University

Meeting Delegates from Around the World

Our overseas education fair in Kochi offers the attendance of universities from the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Dubai, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. With a chance to get a whole lot of queries regarding visa requirements, admission procedures, scholarship opportunities answered then and there, students and parents are in the position to make informed decisions regarding their way forward.

Attend our upcoming education fair in Kochi and join in a question-answer and career counselling session with the foreign delegates. A regular visit to our website will keep you updated about the date and venue of the next Study Overseas Global Education Fair in Kochi .

Our International Education Fairs in Kochi open doors to immense opportunities for students in a variety of fields including business, law, medicine, engineering and the arts. With a chance to interact with other aspiring students, attending lectures on study abroad programs and even opening doors to on-spot offers, attending our fairs is an excellent way to venture into the global world.

Keep an eye out on this page for more information on upcoming fairs and events.

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